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Section of Philosophy of Nature and Bioethics, Institute of Philosophy


Section concentrates its interests on not living nature (time and space concept, determinism in nature, concepts of nature`s law, causation) and philosophy of living nature (essence of life, life genesis, evolutionism). Within the subjects like evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology and development of molecule biology, genetics and biomedicine occur questions concerning place of human beings in the modern world, their condition and further physical and moral development (among problems of bioethics the Section is especially interested in positive and negative eugenic, transplants, capital punishment, cloning).
Great emphasis is put on cultural aspect (spiritual, moral, social) development of human beings against the economic and technological progress.


Wiesław Dyk, dr hab.
Instytut Filozofii
ul. Mickiewicza 18, 70-387 Szczecin
tel./fax: +48 91 454 21 71, 444 23 55